5G Networks and the Future of Health Care

5G Networks and the Future of Health Care

The future of 5G is much more than just faster speed for your network. What if I told you that the evolution of 5G could result in a surgeon performing a life-saving surgery without being in the same room as the patient. The reason this is possible is because of the real-time connection 5G offers. With the increase in bandwidth and low latency, 5G can transform the health care industry.

The increase in bandwidth will allow improved quality of care through expanded Internet of Things (IoT) use. Health care providers will be able to monitor patients remotely in real time with more advanced wearable medical devices. Medical devices can especially benefit those who live in rural or remote areas and don’t have access to local health care facilities. 5G will also allow health care providers to quickly transmit large, high-resolution imaging files and receive results more quickly.

Another major benefit of 5G in health care is the low latency of the network. Low latency is what makes remote surgery possible; any lag in the network could have dire consequences. The network connection can increase the quality of video and allow more virtual checkups, which saves time and money for both the provider and patients, as well as reducing the risk of contagion or infection. Low latency also helps wearable devices transmit data instantly, including alerts regarding critical cases.

However, questions remain about 5G. The high radio frequencies allow the network to carry an abundance of data, but can’t travel as far as current 4G networks. The solution to its limited reach seems to be to deploy numerous small cells strategically throughout the coverage area. This solution can be challenging due to the cost of related equipment, as well as some uncertainty over health and safety. Therefore, it may be a bit longer before 5G reaches the maturity to be trusted in life-or-death health care applications.

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