5 Open Networking Solutions to Overcome Data Center Challenges (Part 1)

5 Open Networking Solutions to Overcome Data Center Challenges (Part 1)

Teams operating data centers frequently face many challenges. There is a constant need to do more with less, from both a budgetary (capex and opex) and a personnel standpoint. As such, operational efficiency and uncomplicated troubleshooting are critical. Fast growth requires scaling up flexibly with resiliency. Control over network infrastructure can feel insufficient. On top of these general challenges, data center teams at service providers, enterprises, and other industries can face application- and industry-specific challenges as well.

The open networking model can provide answers to many of these challenges. This article provides brief overviews of 5 unique solution packages from Champion ONE, the industries for which they’re designed, and some of their key benefits.

Solution 1: CORD Spine-and-Leaf

Includes: 100G Open Networking Switches and 10G Open Networking Switches, plus a network operating system from Cumulus Networks®, QSFP28 optics, and DACs for server connections

Ideal for: Service providers with a central office re-architectured as data center (CORD) architecture Many of the largest global service providers have adopted (or are in the process of adopting) this modern, flexible architecture for their central offices. Champion ONE’s solution provides a high-performance 100G spine and 10G leaves with 100G uplinks for shared server resources, enterprise access, and more. This solution offers great control and programmability for SDN/NFV integration and orchestration. Additionally, our CORD solution features zero-touch provisioning and supports standard network protocols for interoperability.

Solution 2: 100G Data Center Interconnect

Includes: 8 Channel 100G Active DWDM Open Line Systems and 100G Open Networking Switches, plus a network operating system from IP Infusion® and QSFP28 PAM4 optics

Ideal for: Data center operators who require 100G transmission between 2 data centers over 40km apart

This solution set spotlights our new Open Line System, which uses PAM4 technology to carry multiple 100G links up to 100km on a single pair of fibers, thereby easing fiber scarcity challenges. This compact unit features all mux/demux, amplification, and dispersion compensation functionality, which saves valuable rack space. Its zero-touch provisioning makes it simple and fast to deploy; instead of wasting an entire day provisioning hardware, one tech can turn it up in 5 minutes!

While these solution sets are designed to solve common challenges that data center teams face, the hardware and software described here can be mixed and matched in many combinations to suit your organization’s specific objectives and challenges. If you’d like to discuss these options further (or create your own!), you can schedule a consultation with Champion ONE’s experts today, and stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

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