2 Open Network Solutions to Overcome LAN Challenges

2 Open Network Solutions to Overcome LAN Challenges

In addition to overcoming the specific challenges faced in data center environments, open networking solutions can help network operators in many other use cases as well. In particular, this week we’ll be looking at two types of local area networks (LANs) and how open networking can increase network capacity and performance.

Solution 1: Campus Backbone Solution Kit

Includes: 10G Open Networking Switches with a network operating system from Pica8®, CWDM Passive Mux/Demuxes, and SFP+ CWDM transceivers

Ideal for: Higher education and health care campuses with multiple buildings, as well as municipal governments and school districts

Benefits: In addition to the general benefits of open networking, including efficient scalability and network resiliency, the incorporation of passive CWDM can remedy fiber scarcity issues between buildings by reducing the need for outside plant fiber. This switch link aggregation also provides high-availability connectivity between any two locations across the campus.

Solution 2: Enterprise Workspace Solution Kit

Includes: 10G Open Networking Switches and 1G Open Networking Switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) with a network operating system from Pica8®, and SFP+ transceivers

Ideal for: Network operators with an enterprise or campus LAN who must connect VoIP phone systems, surveillance cameras, employee workstations, wireless access points, and more.

Benefits: This solution improves flexibility and scalability by moving enterprise networks away from expensive, proprietary chassis-based modular switches and into the CLOS-based leaf-spine model of open networking. This model can save network operators up to 50% on both capital and operating expenses. It paves the way for new technologies to increase network efficiency and control, including software-defined networking via Netflow, which is supported by Pica8’s PicOS operating system.  Its in-band zero-touch provisioning also limits the amount of manual effort required to turn up new equipment.

The other advantage to open networking is the ease of integration with third-party software. The solution can be used with an existing third-party firewall, so network security is never in doubt. It can also support network automation via Ansible and other programs for even greater efficiency.

While these solution sets are designed to solve common challenges that data center teams face, the hardware and software described here can be mixed and matched in many combinations to suit your organization’s specific objectives and challenges. If you’d like to discuss these options further (or create your own!), you can contact Champion ONE’s experts today.

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