100G Open Line System: A Live Test!

100G Open Line System: A Live Test!

Yesterday, we officially launched our new line of 100G Active DWDM Open Line Systems, a long-range (up to 120km) 100G solution that is cost-effective and simple to deploy and operate. We recently had the opportunity to showcase what this unique solution can do in a real network environment. Here are the details:

The Network: a county network that provides bandwidth for fire, police, and emergency services to several municipalities.

The Test Configuration: Champion ONE’s team of installation experts connected a data center to the county’s main office over open fiber in the following configurations:

  • 2 channels of 100G over the 40 channel 80km model, originating in a Viavi T-BERD-5800 test set, and cross-connected back in a Cisco Catalyst 9500 switch to perform RFC 2544 testing.
  • 1 channel of 100G from the main office to the data center, running-out-of-band 10G traffic over Cisco Catalyst 9500 switch and 100G over the Viavi T-BERD-5800 to perform RFC 2544 testing.

The Results: The test configurations successfully passed both out-of-band and actual customer traffic between the main office and the data center. Our open line system interfaced seamlessly with the Cisco switch, for which the current software version supports LR4 and ER4 QSFP28 transceivers.

Would you like to discuss this unique solution with us? Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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