Champion Optical Network Engineering LLC (“Champion ONE”) uses and maintains various trademarks, service marks, logos, logotypes, signatures and design marks (collectively, the “Champion ONE trademarks”), which are valuable assets that Champion ONE needs to protect. We ask that you help us by properly using and crediting Champion ONE trademarks in accordance with these guidelines.

Permissible Use

You may generally use Champion ONE trademarks to refer to the associated Champion ONE products or services. For instance, an authorized reseller can note in its advertisements that it is selling the Champion ONE application server. Similarly, an Champion ONE customer may issue a press release stating that it has implemented Champion ONE software.

Relationship of Products or Services

You may indicate the relationship of your products or services to Champion ONE products or services by using accurate, descriptive tag lines. 

Within text or body copy, such tag lines may appear in the same type as your product or service name. On product, packaging, advertising and other collateral where your product or service name is displayed apart from body copy, make sure that the tag line appears in significantly smaller type than your name.

Open Source Software

Most open source licenses do not grant, and many exclude, a license of trademark rights. Do not assume you can use the name of a source code base in the name of your distribution developed from that code base. Without a license or permission, you may not incorporate Champion ONE trademarks in the name of your distribution or other products that incorporate open source elements. Truthful statements incorporating a trademark are generally allowed, but you should check the terms of the license for the original source code or any posted trademark guidelines for the project.

User Groups

Champion ONE generally permits use of its marks in groups name that include phrases such as “user group,” “special interest group,” “lobby,” etc., that clarify the relationship between Champion ONE and the group and do not create confusion about the source of products. This applies only to user groups that are not formally doing business as commercial entities. If you are administering a user group that includes a Champion ONE trademark in its name, do not claim any trademark rights in the name or attempt to register the name or your logo with a trademark office, and do not register the name as a trade name or business name, or conduct any business under the name.

Prohibited Use

You may not use Champion ONE trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to Champion ONE sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement.

Company, Product or Service Names

Do not use Champion ONE trademarks or potentially confusing variations as all or part of your company, product or service names. If you wish to note the relationship of your products or services to Champion ONE products or services, please use an appropriate tag line as detailed above.

Trade Dress

You must not imitate Champion ONE trade dress, type style or logos. For instance, do not copy Champion ONE packaging for use with your product or display your product name in the distinctive logotype associated with the Champion ONE logo.

Domain Names

Do not use Champion ONE trademarks or potentially confusing variations in your Internet domain name. This helps prevent Internet users from being confused as to whether you or Champion ONE is the source of the Web site.

Correct Use

Proper use of Champion ONE trademarks reinforces their role as brands for our products and services, and helps prevent them from becoming generic names that can be used by anyone. Examples of former trademarks that became generic terms are “aspirin,” “cellophane,” and “escalator.” By adhering to the following rules, you help protect Champion ONE’s investment in its trademarks.

Use a Generic Term

Use a generic term in association with each Champion ONE trademark the first time the mark appears in text, and as often as possible after that. You need not include generic names in headlines, package titles and documentation titles.

Use as Adjectives

Champion ONE trademarks are adjectives and should not be used as nouns, or in the possessive or plural form.

Avoid Variations

Do not vary Champion ONE trademarks by changing their spelling or abbreviating them.

Trademark Symbols and Credit Lines

Proper trademark attribution through trademark symbols and credit lines helps makes the public aware of our trademarks, and helps prevent them from becoming generic terms. Credit lines also help clarify that they belong to Champion ONE.  Accordingly, Champion ONE would appreciate you attributing ownership of Champion ONE trademarks to Champion ONE by using trademark symbols (™ or SM or ®) and credit lines.

Trademark Symbols

Use the ® symbol with the most prominent appearance of the “Champion ONE” mark on products, packaging, manuals, advertisements, promotional materials and Web pages (for example, in the headline of an advertisement), and the first use of the mark in text or body copy. This includes situations where “Champion ONE” is a part of a product or service name. You do not need to use trademark symbols with other Champion ONE trademarks.

Example: XYZ Develops New Product for Champion ONE® Product

“Champion ONE” receives a trademark symbol in the headline because this is the most prominent appearance, and when it appears as part of the Champion ONE Product name because this is the first appearance in text. While there is no trademark symbol after “Champion ONE” when it appears in front of the term “products” and “offerings” since we already used a symbol the first time that the term “Champion ONE” appeared in body copy. It is always acceptable to continue using the ® after “Champion ONE” throughout the document.

Credit Line

All products, packaging, manuals, advertisements, promotional materials and Web pages bearing Champion ONE trademarks should include the following trademark credit line.

“Champion ONE is a registered trademark of Champion Optical Network Engineering LLC and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.”

The credit line may appear anywhere on the collateral, but typically is displayed on a copyright page, the back of a package or at the end of a document or web page.

“Champion ONE” As a Trade Name

Trade names are the actual business names of companies. Trademarks and trade names are not the same, even though many companies use their trade names as trademarks. If you are using “Champion ONE” as a substitute for Champion ONE, you are using it as a trade name. Because they are nouns, trade names can be used in the possessive and do not require a generic term or a trademark symbol. Thus, you should not use a ® after “Champion ONE” when it appears as part of the full corporate name or as a trade name.

Reservation of Rights

Except as set forth above, Champion ONE retains all right, title and interest in and to all Champion ONE trademarks.


If you have any questions regarding Champion ONE trademarks, please contact Christina O’Neill, Marketing Manager at