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The following information MUST be filled out completely to obtain credit terms.

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In order to sell Champion’s products to the Buyer, the Buyer hereby represents and warrants that it is solvent, that it pays its obligations as they come due and that its liabilities do not exceed its assets. The foregoing representation and warranties shall be deemed to be repeated in each purchase by Buyer (whether written or oral) and incorporated therein by reference, and shall be effectively remade, each time a purchase obligation is undertaken, until the Buyer shall notify Champion to the contrary. The confidential information contained in the application is true, may be relied upon and is for the purpose of obtaining merchandise from Champion. The information disclosed herein is true and can be relied upon. In the event of default, Buyer expressly agrees to jurisdiction and choice of laws in Ohio, United States of America. In signing this document, Buyer grants permission of credit information to be submitted by phone or letter by companies Buyer has specified. The signature below acts as releasing authority to the companies approached for credit information. The undersigned understands that Champion will keep this application whether or not this application is approved and that Champion will consider this application as a continuing statement of the undersigned's financial condition until notified otherwise.

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NOTE: Most companies require written requests for credit information. To expedite this process please make sure to provide either a contact email or fax number. The credit application can not be processed until all the Trade References have replied. Applications without an email address or fax number will take longer to process.