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uTune™ Director

Patent No.: US 9,391,706 B2

Never spare a DWDM fixed channel pluggable optic again!

Our uTune™ Director is used to tune DWDM SFP+ and XFP pluggable transceivers and lock the channel so the transceiver can be used as a fixed channel DWDM solution. This technology allows network operators to reduce the sparing requirements for fixed channel DWDM networks, as well as, instantly turn up a new DWDM circuit. The uTune™ Director can potentially save millions of infrastructure dollars while increasing network flexibility.

Telecom and datacom providers can now strategically place a uTune™ Director at each of their sparing facilities. By inventorying a Champion ONE tunable transceiver and a uTune™ Director at these locations, operators can completely eliminate the need to spare an XFP for each and every channel.

Our uTune™ Director streamlines the XFP sparing game, eliminating the need for shelves and shelves of spare XFP transceivers and potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars of fixed DWDM SFP+ and XFP pluggable transceiver costs.

With our uTune™ Director, spare just one.

Champion ONE's carrier-grade optical transceivers feature digital diagnostics, also known as digital optical monitoring (DOM), which is supported by the majority of switches and routers. We stock the majority of our products and strive for 100 percent availability. All Champion ONE optical transceivers are RoHS compliant and feature a limited warranty up to five years.

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Data Sheet

Tunable SFP+ DWDM datasheet

Data Sheet

uTune Director

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