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Service Providers


Expertise and unique product offerings optimize new and existing networks

“Great service, high quality products, fast deliveries” MSO, Network Engineer

Champion ONE provides the expertise necessary to optimize your network through innovative solutions developed specifically for the carrier space. From best-in-class service to the highest levels of availability to on-time delivery, Champion ONE is focused on your needs.  Our products offer cost-savings and cross platform functionality.

Solutions for service providers

Whether you are turning up new network services or looking for a solution that is compatible with the ones that are currently in place, Champion ONE offers carrier- grade product options that enable you to optimize your network.

Our unique product offerings include:

  • Multiple varieties of single fiber transceivers for Ethernet and SONET applications, ranging from Fast Ethernet (OC3) to 10G (OC192) and in distances up to 80km,  incorporating bidirectional and single fiber wavelength technologies
  • Newer technology in older form factors to help better utilize equipment that’s still deployed. Take advantage of equipment that’s been redeployed from a core application to hub or edge sites
  • CWDM and DWDM filters that are low loss and available in any form factor you require — from the field to the central office. Champion ONE has the highest density passives in the market today enabling 12, 8 channel filters in 1 rack unit (RU)

Beyond the products themselves, when you order from Champion ONE, you can be confident in our speed and availability which provides cost effective solutions when you need them.

Champion ONE’s impact on your business

It’s rare that you pay less and receive more, but Champion ONE products often provide significant capex and opex savings — that meet carrier-grade quality requirements.

In one scenario, our customer saved 50 percent of their outside fiber plant, by working with us to develop a single fiber solution for a school district roll-out. In another case,  Champion ONE was able to save our customer thousands of dollars a month in ongoing transceiver costs.

Champion ONE is able to offer more than price advantage when it comes to delivering solutions. Our expertise and consultative approach allows us to operate as an extension of your team. We work hard to understand your business and position our experts to make recommendations that will have a long-term significant impact on your network and your bottom line.