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Passives Attenuators

Numerous attenuation devices in stock

Champion ONE offers a line of fixed optical attenuators for use with our optical transceivers.  Our bulkhead style, male-to-female, attenuators are available in both SC and LC form factors, and offer UPC or APC style connectors.

Champion ONE offers a variety of attenuation levels including:

  • 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20dB attenuators in-stock
  • 1dB steps

All Champion ONE transceiver data sheets list the maximum power the receiver can handle. It is recommended to attenuate when a deployment or lab test will not provide adequate attenuation via the fiber path.

Champion ONE's carrier-grade optical transceivers feature digital diagnostics, also known as digital optical monitoring (DOM), which is supported by the majority of switches and routers. We stock the majority of our products and strive for 100 percent availability. All Champion ONE optical transceivers are RoHS compliant and feature a limited warranty up to five years.

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