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“You have unique solutions that help me salvage unused fiber reclaiming previously unusable bandwidth” Network Engineer

Deploy carrier-grade solutions to meet the network challenges government services demand

Champion ONE’s unique and standard fiber optic solutions are ideal for use in networks connecting numerous types of facilities. In addition to offering unique solutions geared for specific government applications, Champion ONE works to ensure the highest level of quality by utilizing the same optical parameters as major OEMs, consistently adhering to each product’s MSA (multi-source agreement).

Products engineered for government entities

In the government sector, our passive WDM filters and WDM optics are well suited for connecting state, municipal, and local services. In addition, cost effective active gear, such as our CCTx,  can be used as a regenerator and has been deployed as a transponder to easily convert grey wavelengths to WDM services.  It is also often used to cost effectively convert copper connections to fiber.

For increasing your bandwidth while using half the fiber, Champion ONE’s single fiber solutions in GBIC, SFP and WDM doubles the utilization of your existing fiber plant helping government entities conserve fiber as well as budget.

Champion ONE’S impact on your business

In addition, launching innovative, cost- effective solutions support projects that would otherwise cost taxpayers more. And for government offices that lack engineering support, Champion ONE can assist in all phases of deploying a new network solution.  We offer world-class expertise in design, engineering and technical assistance for easy-to-install and manage fiber optic network solutions.

What’s more, Champion ONE fulfills the criteria for “set aside” funding for certain municipal projects. Examples of projects in which Champion ONE offered multiple benefits include:

  • A local county network used Champion ONE’s passive WDM solution to connect several locations and services, including emergency services, as well as connections to the local courthouse. The county chose Champion ONE, in part, because of its design and technical support. In addition, the county realized a 50 percent cost savings and 100 percent on-time delivery.
  • A government contractor used Champion ONE optics to support projects for NASA, which in turn enabled the contractor to leverage a portion of the agency’s set- aside requirements.
  • A nonprofit organization providing services to government entities throughout a 22 county area was able to standardize its network using Champion ONE optics and passives. The organization chose Champion ONE because of its quality, cost savings and quick delivery.

Champion ONE’s engineering expertise and technical support is unsurpassed. With Champion ONE, you’re guaranteed carrier-grade fiber optics, backed by superior service and support, to keep your network grounded today while mitigating future risks.